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File Transmission


In order to add a file transfer system we would need to change the state of the file from executable to raw byte.

However i was thinking of adding the bytes in a multidimensional array, when i discovered the majority of files on a computer is likely to be 500MB and over. This will degrade the performance of the program.

Possible solutions which i found was:

A. Convert the byte into a text file, and rename it in a way such that the program would be able to convert it back into its original state, for example a pdf document to byte array would be named pdf.FORlistitem1.NAMEmypdfdocument.text.

And package the contents which include files as a .Zip file or .wlt (Wallet) file

B. Save the converted file (bytearray) in a file hosting website such as pastebin and add the name in a multi-dimensional array, and use the produced link from pastebin to download the file.

C. still in construction any thoughts?

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