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Project Description

Don't try to remember every credit card, email, forum and account password of yours. Store them with Cloud Wallet in the skydrive and get them needed.

This project is about storing valuable information (like bank account numbers and passwords, email, facebook, twitter and other important internet account passwords, identity numbers etc.. in an encrypted (AES encryption) file. If the file will stored in skydrive then the file will be reachable from Cloud Wallet 's windows mobile 7, desktop, windows 8. Those files could be reached safely.

.NET Framework 4.5 is neccesary to run this application.
click to download .net framework 4.5

Windows Phone Market

Also the Cloud Wallet For Windows Phone is available at Windows Phone Market Place. The same wallet file format (*.wlt) from skydrive could be used for storage, users can see and edit the same wallet file from Phone and Desktop. click to download cloud wallet for windows phone

For more information click here.


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